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In an attempt to differentiate the film from other superhero films of the time, Koepp focused on “the copy line, ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?’ and wondered how he knew what evil lurks in the hearts of men. And I decided that perhaps it was because he was uncomfortably familiar with the evil in his own heart”. [6] For Koepp, the film then became “a story of guilt and atonement”. [6] He picked Shiwan Khan as the film’s villain because “he was bold and he knew what he was doing – he wanted to conquer the world. That was very simple, maybe a little ambitious, but he knew exactly what he wanted.” [7] He had always been a fan of Alec Baldwin and wrote the script with him in mind: "He has the eyes and the voice; he had so much of what I pictured Cranston being". [6] Koepp also sat in on rehearsals and incorporated a lot of the actor’s humor into the script. [6]

The Lamont Cranston Band:
Pat Hayes - Harps, Vocals, Slide Guitar on Somebody Been Talkin'
Larry Hayes - Guitars, Vocals
Bruce McCabe - Keyboards
Joe Sherohman - Bass
Jim Novak - Drums, Percussion
Tom Burnevik - Tenor/Baritone Saxophones
Joe Chandler - Tenor/Soprano Saxophones
Danny L. and The Brewerettes - background vocals.
Additional horns on - 'Half A Love' by Peter Masters, Tim Sullivan, Tom Baker, Doug Dupree, Bob Hagglund.
'Too Late Brother' was taken from a live KQRS radio broadcast.
Recorded at ASI Studios, Minneapolis, Mn. 12/75 and Sound 80 Studios, Minneapolis, Mn. 6/77-8/77
Re-mastered at Metro Apple Digital Recording, Minneapolis, Mn. 11/94
Previously released songs from The Lamont Cranston Band (Shadow 3346) and Specials-Lit (Shadow 3348)

I remember her as a new ship when I was a kid back in 1976. I recall thinking what a cool looking ship compared to all those old lakers with the pilot house at the bow, I don’t think there were many coming to Duluth with the aft pilot house then. Now I actually do prefer the forward pilot house “boats” as they are fewer now. The St. Clair always has a special place in my heart though as I have many fun memories of my Grandpa Millard LaJoy (who by the way, will be 100 in Feb of ’13 and still drives his car) driving fast from 5th Avenue to Canal Park just so I could see the “New” ship come in! Long live the St. Clair!!

Lamont Cranston Band Up From The AlleyLamont Cranston Band Up From The AlleyLamont Cranston Band Up From The AlleyLamont Cranston Band Up From The Alley